This month, Reebok Classic and Footaction are celebrating the legacy of the Instapump Fury with their Reebok Fury Pop Up Shop at 125 West 33rd Street in New York City. The Pop Up coincides with Reebok’s partnership with Future, who’s spent the majority of his tour rocking the latest Instapump Fury Overbranded.

“I’ve really enjoyed wearing Reebok on my tour this summer and the Instapump Fury is definitely one of my favorite looks,” Future shared in a press release. “This partnership is much more than just one particular shoe, or any shoe for that matter. We’re excited to show everyone the next stage of the Reebok x Future relationship as this is just the beginning.”

The shop takes on the aesthetic of Reebok and Future combined, incorporating smoke machines, spotlights, and a “center stage” with an Instapump product display. Visitors are also able to check out the Instapump Fury’s evolution from ’94 to now via a “Back to the Fury” Instapump presentation showcasing Reebok’s top past collaborations.

Fred Foster, creator of Cease and Desist and Creative Director of Future’s Freebandz line, is excited about their latest partnership.

“The opportunity to work with Reebok was big,” he told us during the Pop Up preview. “I grew up on Reebok, from the Instapumps to the Shawn Kemps to the Shaqnosis. It’s one of the most challenging projects I’ve worked on, but it’s one of the most exciting also.”

The Instapump Fury’s come a long way. Since its debut in the early 90s, the shoe’s gone on to become one of Reebok’s most popular models.

“To think this shoe was designed in ’94, it looks still kind of fresh and timeless today,” Todd Krinsky, Vice President of Reebok Classic, told us. “It really does represent Reebok in in the 90s – bold technology, bold colors, it has a pump, hexalite, it’s one of the first laceless shoes ever, so I think it really has this iconic, innovative feel.”

You can say the story of the Instapump Fury OB was somewhat one of fate. Originally in development for Japan, the design caught the eye of Future, who also just released a collaborative capsule collection with Reebok and Freebandz last month.

“It was kind of like the meeting of the worlds coming together at the same time,” Krinsky explained. “He kind of had this idea of this black and white look that he was gonna do on the tour, a very kind of simple, clean look, and we were developing this Overbranded shoe for Japan because we were really trying to play up the 90s inspiration. When he looked at it he was like, ‘Oh, I love this color, this is what I want, this is what I’m kind of wearing on the tour,’ so it kind of all came together.”

Reebok also recently partnered with Kendrick Lamar for the relaunch of their OG Classics. Krinsky explained that when it comes to partnerships, it’s all about keeping things organic.

“When we were re-launching our OG Classics, like the Classic Leathers and the Club Cs, we wanted to work with someone like Kendrick because he’s so authentic and because he grew up wearing a lot of this product,” he shared. “Because we were going to tell the story of the heritage of these models, it was really cool to have a guy like Kendrick who spoke to that. As we started to move into this space here and create some futuristic products and push the boundaries in fashion, we knew a guy like Future was gonna be that guy because of what he represents.”

Reebok’s next venture will likely cater to the ladies.

“We’ve got Kendrick and Future, we’ve got two incredible artists we’re so happy working with, but I think one of the biggest trends in the marketplace is girls,” Krinsky said. “The women’s sneaker business is on fire around the world right now, and our women’s business is growing really fast, so I think we may be looking for a few more female music icons and really kind of take a further dive on the female side moving forward.” 

The adage “quality over quantity” plays a significant role in Reebok’s course.

“You don’t need like a hundred artists,” Krinsky continued. “You need a few good ones, and you need to have great, deep relationships with those guys. And that’s what we have right now.”

You can check out the Reebok Fury Pop Up Shop from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on October 11 and from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. on October 12. The white and black Instapump Fury Overbranded ($165) will be sold in limited quantities during the event, and will go on sale nationwide on October 12 at Footaction,, Shiekh, DTLR, Villa, and other key retailers worldwide.

PHOTO CREDIT: Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

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