NBA legend Charles Barkley has always had controversial views, whether it was his “I’m not a role model” Nike campaign or his recent comments on race. In promotion of his new TNT show, Race Card, Barkley drops off the first trailer.

The clip starts with Chuck being asked why he wanted to do this show and its premise.

“The show is about race. Race has been the biggest problem of my adult life, and I want to provide a conversation. … People never talk about race until something bad happens. And then all they do is yell and scream,” he responds.

He also comments on how Hollywood isn’t helping the world’s view on certain races and religions, saying, “Hollywood does an awful job. If you’re a Muslim, you know you’re going to be portrayed negatively. If you’re a Hispanic the only time you are ever mentioned is with illegal immigration.”

The NBA Hall Of Famer has been criticized for his racial remarks in the past. You may remember when he questioned why people never get mad when black people kill each other. “If we as black people want more respect, we have to give each other respect,” he said.

The show isn’t scheduled to debut until 2017 but is sure to be controversial.

Watch the trailer above.


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