Every night, The Urban Daily’s resident TV blogger, Kevin L. Clark, gives you his What To Watch rundown for everything on point that’s on television. Here’s what you should check out for Tuesday, September 9th!

WipeoutABC, 8:00pm –

Foolhearty contestants compete for glory and dinero on ABC’s Wipeout. Contestants partake in such obstacles as the Human Pinballthe Leap of FaithCookie Cutter, Big Balls and a Mike Tyson favorite – Sucker Punch. If you want to see fools make a jackarse out of themselves, tune into Wipeout tonight at 8:00pm!

90210CW, 8:00pm –

MUST WATCH! If fools aren’t the thing for you, you can check out the newest kids on the block at America’s most famous zip code – 90210. The new cast gets settled in to their new digs and already temperatures rise and ego’s clash on the CW. Tune in tonight!

Ben 10Cartoon Network, 8:30pm –

Alien crimefighter, Ben Tennyson – now 15 – is on the search for his missing grandfather and with the help of the Omnitrix, Ben has new aliens to transform to help him with his fight against evil.

World Series of PokerESPN, 9:00pm –

The 2008 No Limit – no, not Master P and the gang – Hold ‘Em Event in Las Vegas features competitors like Phil Hellmuth dueling wits and strategy against UFC’s Chuck Liddell.

PrivilegedCW, 9:00pm –

In this pilot episode on the CW, this series entitled Privileged about a live-in tutor to wealthy and rebellious Palm Beach teens. Hired by cosmetics company head played by Anne Archer, this dramedy of sorts will have people laughing.

Janice Dickinson Modeling AgencyOXYGN, 10:00pm –

The world’s most dangerous modeling agency charges her crew with task of hosting a special dinner for her. Meanwhile, Janice Dickinson, herself blows up when a rebellious male poser wreaks havoc in the house and a surprise guest arrives.

ECW, Sci-Fi, 10:00pm –

Now that Unforgiven has ended, Sci-Fi airs the next episode of ECW and we find out the results of the pay-per-view and new storylines come forward from this week’s episode that’ll have you ready to fly off the turnbuckle’s yourself.

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