Commentators ringside try watchin my paper..Nas, “Hate Me Now”

There has been a lot of speculation about how much money Nas makes ever since the terms of his alimony and child support to Kelis and their son Knight were published. Now the IRS is after our man for back taxes.  But anyone who has listened to Nas’ rhymes over the years knows the man is far from broke… at least if you believe what he spits…

(Thanks to for the million-dollar transcriptions.)

Old cribs I sold, y’all drive by like monuments

Google Earth Nas; I got flats in other continents-“Success”

Y’all living trendy on pennies, I cop plenty Fendi

Vivienne Westwood, I’m good, get the whole Trump Tower top floor for the

hood-“Make The World Go Round”

I want it all, ArmorAll Benz and endless papes

God sake, what nigga got to do to make a half million

without the FBI catchin feelings –“Street Dreams”

Twenty-four carats, countin cabbage, like the arabs

The marriage of me and the mic is just like magic

Elegant performance, bubble Lex full insurance

Guzzlin Guinness shootin catchin cases concurrent -“Fast Life”

He didn’t make this list in 2009 but he still got it made…

Gateways, marble floors, chandeliers

Jacuzzi’s, gucci soap, throwing cash in the air

Though I, still feel broke with millions in the bank

And deals on the table, I focus to stay afloat “-My Way”

Don’t hate me, hate the money I see, clothes that I buy

Ice that I wear, clothes that I try, close your eyes

Picture me rollin, sixes, money foldin

Bitches honies that swollen to riches, Nas get in ya-“Hate Me Now”

My bad, should I step out my shoes, give ’em to you?

Here’s my cars and my house, you can live in that too

Criticize when I flow for the streets, hate my dress code

Gucci this, Fendi that, what you expect hoe?-“Hate Me Now”

I keep a stash safe kid, when I proposed it made her face big

She keep me jigg, glorifying medallions

Got me in clothes made by Italians, feed me lobster and scallions -“Money Is My Bitch”

The don, all the time, with all the shine

You small time, I ball with mine

Links, minks, Bentley, it’s all with mine

My jams bump out to the borderline

Now I got plans to buy the whole hood

Legit’ now, I ain’t gotta lie to no judge

I make hits now, money I flip now

Hood fella every honey wanna kiss now

I lit up my neck, pinkie, and wrist now

So girls everywhere, this is how we get down -“You Owe Me”

Got all of y’all watchin’ my moves, my watch and my jewels

Hop in my coupe, dodge interviews like that

It’s not only my jewels, ice anything, plenty chains

Look at my tennis shoes, I iced that

Who am I? -“Got Ur Self”

There’s one life, one love, so there can only be one King

The highlights of livin, Vegas style roll dice in linen

Antera spinnin on Milleniums, twenty G bets I’m winnin them

Threats I’m sendin them, Lex with TV sets the minimum -“The Message”

The streets coulda had us, but now we live lavish

Our preach be the baddest

Bus ’em out while maids change the sheets on the mattress

It’s deep cuz I never thought I’d reach this status -“Did You Ever” (Remix)

My Bentley cruise the block, with the sun roof top

Hood rats jumpin’ on my jock cause I blew up the spot

Crushin’ your Benz, crushin’ your Navigator system

My QB piece make y’all niggas tuck you’re shit in -“Hot Boyz” (remix)

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