The homie Lowkey was out at the must-see-event of last night in NYC: G-Shock The World 2009. Featuring Kanye West the tastemakers of NYC were there to do there thing. Lowkey provided the play-by-play. Check it out below:

G-Shock + Kanye West + NYC= EPIC….

First mistake of the night: Not bringing a handkerchief to clean the sweat from my forehead during my mini excursion to Cipriani’s. Second mistake: Not wearing a G-Shock Watch to an actual G-Shock event (see the watch I wore, below).

Last night the good folks of G-Shock treated a handful of patrons to an intimate showing of their new line of time pieces at the immaculate Cipriani’s restaurant on Wall St. Upon my arrival, it was sort of a blur as to what I was actually getting my self involved in.

At most, I’d arrive at the venue, look at a couple watches then witness Yeezy tear down the stage “Glow In The Dark” style. Of course, things NEVER play out in real life as they do in my head.

The security guards rallied us together like a bunch of newborn cattle around 8:30pm. They scanned our invites, ORDERED us to have a great time and ushered us in. As always, there’s one knuckle head who just magically believes he/she can gain entry without a ticket and/or valid ID. In this particular case, little Ms. I’m On The List, But I Don’t Need A Ticket In The Midst Of Everyone Else Having One thought the security guard was born 2 hours prior. “Get out of line, NOW”, he barked. I laughed and strutted inside.

Greeted by a barrage of waiters and waitresses sporting off white tops with a crisp pair of black slacks shoving glasses of Pinot Grigio down the throat of anyone who made eye contact (me likey white wine), the mood was set- Bougie STATUS.

No worries, my spidey senses led me to my crew of mavens in the corner. Dre and Jeff from were posted near the VIP entrance downing glasses of mixed alcoholic beverages awaiting my arrival.

Jaded by the flashing lights, redundant sets of pretty faces and forced attempts to be different through various fashion individuals, Dre, Jeff and I, along with the good homeys from Complex (Noah, J La Puma…whad up, doe???) spent a majority of the time cracking on those that crossed our paths.

Around 9:15pm Cipriani’s was the spot to be. Miss Info, who almost got choked slammed for blowing on the back of my neck, discreetly made her way inside. DJ Enuff resurrected every 80’s era hip hop/rock/RnB tune known to mankind. Ebro and his magic beard, Angie Martinez and DJ Cassidy made small talk in one corner while Russell Simmons and Andre Harrell stirred up 5 mins of commotion shortly after their arrivals in another. Que and Dawn held hands tightly as they were ushered up the VIP balcony, but quickly made their exit 5 mins after. Weird.

9:45pm rolled around and Yeezy FINALLY hit the stage. Unfortunately for me, I was getting barked on via email, so my attention, well at least visually, wasn’t geared towards Ye or his stage set.

After my mini eDispute was settled, Ye became the main focus. Breezing through any tune his set provided, Mr. West’s passion was easily detected through his stage mannerisms as it always is.

“Say You Will”, yup. “Get Em High”, of course. “Run This Town” sans Jay n RiRi, hellz yeah. To say the very least, Yeezy put on a show. For anyone who’s been to a Kanye concert, you know from experience his songs SOUND nothing like the studio versions.

Some are stripped of their hip-hop persona. Others are bulked with percussion and passion. And others just rely on the lyrical flow to maneuver through the ears of the consumer. Either or, DOPE SH*T.

What’s a Kanye show without an impromptu freestyle/speech? Says Kanye about the fame, “Being famous is like being obese- it takes longer for you sit down and people love to help you.” Oh, but it didn’t stop there.

He then addressed his absence from BET Awards, “I wasn’t ready to give BET this show,” Ye explained. Shortly after, he went on to give his perspective on being harassed by the paparazzi and showing love to DJ’s citing they’re still and always will be a major part in hip-hop.

Didn’t attend? Well, I feel bad for you- IT WAS AWESOME!! Don’t worry, you can live vicariously through these DOPE and exclusive photos, below. ENJOY!

Big shouts to JEROME SHAW for handlin photographic duties last night. BOSS STATUS!



To check out the EXCLUSIVE shots from the show, go check out Lowkey’s BET blog by clicking here!

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