GlobalGrind’s own BlogXilla recently sat down with Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke to talk music, business and more. During their conversation, he asked Biggs about an old unreleased song from Jay Z called “Dead Or Alive,” which contains a Pac diss that came out around the time of the rapper’s death. When asked why they pulled the song from Reasonable Doubt, Biggs explained:

“We just wanted to give him his respect. Pac died. It was something that we were looking forward to once he mentioned Jay’s name. It was a battle… You know the cockiness, we didn’t think anybody could deal with us on that level. Music or the streets. We were ready for that, so Jay had that in the cut. It was actually a song we did at the Apollo, the full Pac diss with Biggie on stage. It never got released. We put it out on a mixtape, but then we pulled it back like, ‘Let it be.’” 

He also respectfully corrected Future‘s assessment of Reasonable Doubt.

Get the inside scoop from the man himself in the exclusive interview above.

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