Just after his highly publicized appearance on Huffington Post’s weekly showcase series “Bars,” Jay Pres hits us with his latest mixtape offering, Jay Pres For Prezident. 

The 10-track project boasts stellar production from Grammy-winning producer Chase N Cash, Evan Brown Of Key Majors, High Volume Music, & Stercity — not to mention, Prezi’s self-produced track “Flexin’.” 

One of our favorite moments on the tape is Prezi’s “Real Talk Intro,” where father and son collaborate for a soulful synergy you won’t forget. The campaign surrounding the project was also memorable — the upcoming Harlem rapper hit up several NYC neighborhoods, flooding the streets with cards that read “Vote For Prezi” and “Prezi 2020.” Not long after, fans and supporters all over the city began to post photos of the cards on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat by the hundreds.

Jay Pres said of his unique marketing strategy, “We just wanted to build traction, get some new people listening so I went and bought 15,000 cards and we went to every projects, throwing them on the floors, literally flooding the streets.”

If you ask him, he’s running Harlem. He adds, “As far as the music goes I feel like this project shows my growth as an artist. It¹s one of them tapes where everyone is gonna have a different favorite. And as far as the name, I’m Harlem’s President, it’s that simple.”

Jay Pres For Prezident is out right now; check it out below, or head over to Spinrilla and/or MyMixtapez to listen. The next election is in 2020, but clearly the race has already begun.

Jay Pres For Prezident tracklist:

  1. Real Talk Intro Feat. Jay Pres Sr. (Prod. By Evan Brown Of Key Majors)
  2. Never Change Us (Prod. By Evan Brown Of Key Majors)
  3. Trap (Prod. By Evan Brown Of Key Majors)
  4. In My Zone Feat. Krew (Prod. By Evan Brown Of Key Majors)
  5. Any Day Now Feat. Kadeem King (Prod. By Evan Brown Of Key Majors)
  6. Seen A Ghost Feat. Qu’ality (Prod. By Stercity)
  7. Wave (Prod. By High Volume Music & Evan Brown Of Key Majors)
  8. Flexin’ (Prod. By Jay Pres)
  9. Prezidential (Prod. By Evan Brown Of Key Majors)
  10. Chasin’ Chicken Feat. Chase N Cashe (Prod. By Chase N Cashe) 

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