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We all know, T.I hasn’t been the biggest fan of Donald Trump or his presidential term. To put it frankly T.I. don’t mess with 45. The rapper has always been very out spoken about his distain for the President and Trump’s ideals.

Well T.I. just released a new teaser of his controversial music video for a song on his tenth album, “Dime Trap.”  The video shows Donald Trump leaving the White House and Melania Trump meeting T.I. in the Oval Office and well….It goes down from there. The Melania look alike was wearing her infamous “I really don’t care, Do you?” jacket and begin to fully strip in front of T.I. in the video.

T. I. tweeted the video with the caption below.

Melanie Trump WAS NOT feeling his video. Her communications director, Stephanie Grisham, tweeted disapproving the video and asking people to Boycott T.I. for the disapproval.

Do you think T.I. was out of Line?

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