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Rihanna gives us the hits, loves to give us a good beat with Fenty Beauty and we all know Queen Ri can get as petty as the rest of us! Yesterday she responded to a tweet about Trump playing her music at her rallies and she made it clear that wouldn’t be happening anymore. Well […]

In cased you missed it on Quick Silva’s Vitamin of the Day…Quick talked about the baggage that people carry doesn’t have to necessarily be the weight on your body.  He asked that everyone evaluate the people around them and remove extra baggage.

We now know what killed Rapper Mac Miller. The The L.A. County Coroner’s Office ruled is death an “accidental overdose.”  The toxicology findings found that the rapper died from “mixed drug toxicity,” specifically fentanyl, coke, and alcohol. The amounts of each substance wasn’t enough to be deadly but the combination of all the substances was lethal. […]

Listen Will Smith and Martin Lawerence shook the universe when they announced that Lawerence was on board for a Bad Boy 3. Here’s his Instagram announcement: https://www.instagram.com/p/BppYYhjhNnD/ Well it didn’t take long for the speculations to begin about who would be joining the dynamic duo that is Will Smith and Martin Lawerence. Well Gabrielle Union […]

In cased you missed it on Quick Silva’s Vitamin of the Day…Quick stressed the importance of continuing to be consistent if you want a real results. Quick says if you want to accomplish a goal the only way to do it is by consistency.

Say it ain’t so….Tyler Perry is getting rid of the whole black community’s favorite auntie…He said in 2019 we shouldn’t expect to see too much of Aunt Madea. The film mogul says that he feels like after years of playing the famed character, he’s ready to retire Madea. He says that he doesn’t want to […]

In cased you missed it on Quick Silva’s Vitamin of the Day…Quick asked the The DMV area and Baltimore to put the guns DOWN! This weekend is the last CeaseFire weekend of 2018 and Quick urged everyone to stop the violence! If you want to know how you can get involved go to Baltimore Cease […]

Quick Silva sat down with the creators of Ceasefire to talk about the last ceasefire weekend of 2018. Creators Erricka Bridgeford and Ogun about keeping Baltimore murder free for an entire weekend. Everyone in Baltimore is being asked to put the guns down for 72 hours. The organization has several events this weekend on the Baltimore […]

In cased you missed it on Quick Silva’s Vitamin of the Day… As we celebrate Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Quick highlights that sometimes we don’t know if our friends being strong are really struggling with things we don’t know about.  He stressed the importance of checking on your strong friends and continuing to be a […]

If you’ve been a under a rock over the weekend than maybe you’ve missed the drama going on between Rah Ali, respectively Nicki Minaj’s best friend and Hennessy Carolina, Cardi B’s little sister. Their social media started when Hennessy claiming that The “Queen” Rapper leaked her sisters number on her social media. She posted a alleged […]

Domestic Violence  Awareness Resources October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and it’s important to not only highlight Domestic violence but to give help resources to those suffering from this violent epidemic. Domestic violence (also called intimate partner violence (IPV), domestic abuse or relationship abuse) is a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain […]

After several thousand in my feelings challenges later…We know who “Keke” really is. Several months after the song hit the top the charts we’ve been wondering who the mystery woman is. Well she’s letting us know her identity. Everyone and their mothers thought that Keke was Kim Kardashian, so much to the point that Kanye […]