Diddy had a rather unique way to celebrate the last year of his 40s.

The mogul had already decided that’s he wanted to jump out of a plane and originally wanted to do it in Dubai. But, after watching Will Smith bungee jump from a helicopter in September, Puff had to switch his style up a little bit.

“I wanted to do this before I saw Will Smith jump out of a plane,” he said. “[Will] definitely gave me some inspiration after seeing him jump out but mine was already scheduled, so Will I don’t want you to think I’m biting.”

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“It’s my birthday,” he said in a video posted to both his Instagram and Twitter accounts. He rocked a white customized NASA jumpsuit to commemorate the event. “And I’m about to jump out of a plane. I always wanted to do it. Well no, I really didn’t always want to do it but I started thinking about it this year, I wanted to do it in Dubai.”

In true Puff stunt fashion, two of his costars in the video are seemingly tying his shoes during his monologue. “I said I’m going to do it for my birthday,” he continues. “I’m going to jump out of a plane and attempt to land two houses away, in the backyard of the Playboy mansion.”

As for the greater message of his move? Easy, it’s about getting people to vote. “I’m living my best life, I’m going to tell you to make sure you vote.”

Watch the jump below!

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