UPDATE: We knew we smelled something more to the story about Jay’s bodyguard and the paps. It turns out that the Croatian paparazzi that pressed charges against Julius for assault called Jay and his camp the N-Word. has the full story:

Well did a bit of digging – and now we know what made Jay and Julius spazz out. Word is that when Jay and Bey refused to pose for the paparazzi’s pictures, the cameraman shouted out racial epithets – including the N word.

Do you think Jay-Z’s bodyguard had a right to flip out the way he did after being called a racial slur? Tell us what you think!

UPDATE: Jay-Z’s bodyguard was handed a guilty verdict today for assaulting a paparazzi photographer. The courts in Croatia found the handler guilty and issued him a $107 fine. Wow that was quick, seems like there wasn’t all that to the charges in the first place.

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UPDATE: Jay-Z’s bodyguard has been charged with assault! One of the Croatian photographers has pressed charges after throwing a tripod at Jay and Bey. Interesting right? My guess is that Julius (the bodyguard) was trying to defend himself and his people. Here’s what TMZ had to say about the incident:

Croation law enforcement tells TMZ Jay’s bodyguard has been charged with destroying personal property and assault — based on a complaint filed by the reporter who got into a scuffle with Jay and Beyonce’s entourage late last night.

Video of the incident surfaced on the ‘net earlier today showing the whole confrontation — including the part where the reporter throws his camera sticks at Jay’s hired muscle … and the hired muscle throws the sticks into the Adriatic Sea.

We’ll see how this one plays out. If you missed the original story we’ve got the video and the photos below:

Jay-Z and Beyonce have been happily vacationing in Europe until they ran into an altercation in Croatia. The couple were having been swimming and just hanging out when the paparazzi went entirely too far. Luckily they had their bodyguard Julius there to protect them from the flying objects that the paps threw at them. Jay even got a little feisty and yelled, “We’re on vacation!” Take a look at the video and gallery below:

Click through the gallery to see some REVEALING photos of Beyonce in the water!

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