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Last month the Emmy’s released their list of nominated actors and shows but now 50 Cent seems to have a problem with his hit Starz show Power not earning a nod in any category.

After years of complaining of not getting any recognition from the awards show, Fiddy once again took to IG to let them know they can “kiss my black ass in slow motion” after the latest season of Power premiered to some pretty impressive numbers.

Well, if they ever thought of possibly giving the show any kind of nods or even awards, 50 can kiss that goodbye after adding “Fuck em I’m #1 They a bunch of Bengay my back hurt smelling ass old people anyway. LOL.”

We guess 50 doesn’t believe in the whole “you can attract more flies with honey than vinegar” philosophy.

Still, 50 shouldn’t be too mad. At the end of the day he’s got a hit show that’s gained more fans over the years. He shouldn’t be upset if a bunch of old folk who don’t understand of even care for the culture can’t recognize good television.

Then again, 50’s gonna 50. It is what it is.

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