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Tay Way, an East Bay rapper who found fame local fame in and around the city of Richmond, Calif., was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting incident. The artist born Lamonta Butcher shared a video of himself walking around in Richmond via Instagram, leading the suspects to a street corner where the violent act was carried out.

Several local outlets, including KPIX and East Bay Times, report that Butcher was filming a video using Instagram this past Friday (Sept. 18) in the afternoon hours. While walking down a street shortly after 12PM local time in the city’s Iron Triangle neighborhood, a shooter or group of shooters opened fire reportedly from a moving vehicle, striking Butcher and two others. According to the Richmond Standard, around 17 rounds were reportedly fired.

A 31-year woman and a 50-year-old man were struck with bullets as well but survived their wounds. Butcher was pronounced dead on the scene. Investigators say that they are examining leads and have collected the shell casings but have not shared any other news items. Butcher was listed as the 15th homicide in Richmond this year.

Lamonta “Tay Way” Butcher was 29.

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