If you’re just tuning in, welcome to the world of low-budget rap videos.  This little- experiment-gone-wrong is by local Bronx, NY  artist, Shea Davis, and  is one of the many visual bastard children that were born when HD cameras “hit da hood” a few years ago.

It is supposed to be a visual love letter of sorts, in the veign of past “love raps”  such as Slick Rick’s “Teenage Love”, Method Man’s “You’re All I Need” or 50 Cent’s “21 Questions”…or Notorious B.I.G’s “Me and My Bitch“…or Ja Rules masterpiece “Always On Time”…or Kool G Rap’s “Break A B**** Neck

Instead, it is the visual equivalent to writing some one a love letter and mistakenly throwing it in the garbage…and after being fortunate enough to recover it after two days amidst a pile of debris that included expired skim milk, used diapers and mom’s special Tilapia left overs, you still send it off.


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