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When Celebrity’s fall we all feel the pain.

“Break A Leg” and ‘The show must go on” are common sayings in the entertainment business but the following artists really put those phrases to the test! Check out the following clips of some unfortunate celebrity stage dives and see how they managed to recover.

8. Rick Ross Falls On Stage

Recovery Score: 3 Officer Ross kept on rhyming but eventually needed help getting up.

7. Lil Mama

Recovery Score, 5 1/2: #lilmamais quick on her feet

6.Mya Tap-Dancing

Recovery Score 7: She dropped, stopped, rolled and kept dancing on beat…

5. Beyonce In Orlando

Recovery Score, 10: Bey fell further than anybody down several steps–head first– and got up like nothing happened with no help.

4. Michelle Williams On 106 And Park

Recovery Score, 6: She shimmy-shimmy ya’d back into place but she needed help getting back up.

3) Lil Wayne

Recovery Score, 4: He got back up pretty fast but lost points for getting a RUNNING START into his fall.

2) The now famous Drake spill

Recovery Score, 0: He fell just as the beat dropped and had to be carried off stage.

1) Jojo from KCi and Jo Jo Collapses In Sydney

Recovery score, -100: After Jo-Jo collapsed from exhaustion big man came over and picked up the MICROPHONE, left old boy on the floor and his brother kept singing!


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