Poppin' lip gloss couldn't get Lil Mama out of this jam.

It’s September and that only means one thing: Teachers are back to their classrooms with pure joy on their faces, while students are somberly walking into another year of misery. Even though there will be an air of melancholy swarming the classroom, kids will be around their friends to wipe away their sadness. Let’s be […]

” ] WATCH ON YOUTUBE “Eggs, Bacon, Grits…Sausage!” Oh yeah, you knew #NoFilter would be back to talk about Lil Mama‘s latest release. Any true hip hop fan will recognize the flip of Slick Rick’s “Mona Lisa” and embrace the vintage feel the Brooklyn MC’s giving you. But, when you actually listen to the lyrics […]

Hear us out. This Lil Mama video for her new song “Sausage” isn’t that bad, and you have to admit the Harlem chick is having fun. She’s gotten a bad rep ever since she hopped on stage with Jay Z and Alicia Keys at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, and the public hasn’t been forgiving. We thought […]

Legendary R&B group TLC is hot on their comeback tour, so to speak. after performing their 1994 smash single “Waterfalls” at the American Music Awards on Sunday night, T-Boz and Chilli, joined by Lil Mama, hit the “Dancing With The Stars” stage to perform their other big hit “No Scrubs.” The trio hit all of their […]


  Often times biopic movies drop and the audience is disgusted right from the start because the actor/actress playing the role of the main character is flawed. We mean flawed in the sense that they don’t look like the character or they don’t sound like the person or even that they don’t move the way […]

  TLC, the best-selling female group in music history, are returning to the spotlight with a mix of new events, including an album, VH1 biopic and a reunion performance at the Mixtape Festival in Hershey Park, PA on July 27th. In a case of sinergy gone right, the group has invited rapper Lil Mama, who […]

When it was announced VH1 would be developing a biopic about the super ’90s girl group TLC, fans were excited and yet apprehensive as to who would be cast as the Atlanta trio. As it turns out, the family of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes was also apprehensive about the biopic because they weren’t informed or […]

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A few weeks ago MC Lyte spilled the beans that Lil Mama would be playing the role of Left Eye in the up-coming TLC biopic. In this week’s “What’s Hot” actress Keke Palmer, who is playing Chilli, reveals that filming for the movie will begin on March 6th. Are you going to watch it? Like TheUrbanDaily.com […]

VH1’s TLC biopic  seems to be going full steam ahead.  In what may prove to be one of Hollywood’s most interesting casting picks, rap artist Lil Mama has been chosen to play Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.  HipHollywood.com got the scoop when interviewing MC Lyte at a recent pre-Grammy event.  Lyte had nothing but high praise […]

Lil’ Mama is reaching on this one! We have all rolled our eyes at the infant beef between Lil’ Mama and herself Nicki Minaj but to even mention 2Pac and Biggie in the same sentence as their minuscule beef is ridiculous. “If we decided to go at each other and then somebody ended up dead, […]

It looks like Lil Mama listened to Charlamagne when he told her to put out good music and let it speak for itself…well partially listened (it isn’t really that good). Mama sounds like she’s still in the 80’s rapping over Special Ed’s “I Got It made” beat. Please don’t ask why she spelled strawberry like […]