It’s been three months since the beautiful Sharon Divine has had a man cook her dinner. “Some lamb chops, homemade mash potatoes, corn and bread,” the half Black and Korean beauty remembers fondly. “I loved it. It was great.” We don’t know where that calorie rich meal ended up on her svelte frame, but she might have worked it off burning the late night hours on the air with DJ Green Lantern. The video model turned radio host can be heard every Monday Night from 10pm to 1am on Hip-Hop Nation’s Team Invasion radio. “The first few shows I was a little nervous,” she says. “But now we’re meshing and we have great guests and it’s a lot of fun.”

Thankfully she has come out of semi-retirement from the video/photo game (she’s appeared in Cam’rons “Hey Ma” and was in an ad for Coogi) to grace the Urban Daily. As for her current eating habits, read on to find out what she did with one lucky banana.

TUD: When did you start modeling?

Sharon: Around 2001. I got into modeling [through] my first video for Cam’ron when I was in college. I used to frequent this club in D.C. that used to be called Dream, now it’s called Love. My friends and I got approached by a casting director and she asked us to take some pictures and it was the first time we were ever exposed to any of this. The song was catchy but it wasn’t like a huge video. But I did get recognized around the way. That’s where I also met Chamille from America’s Next Top Model. That’s where I made my first connections. Then I started going to New York and castings and being exposed to [the business.] I graduated from U of Maryland College Park in ’03 and moved to New York in ’04.

TUD: Have you done any recent video work?

No, I was on the Nelly shoot but I’m not in the video. For the most part I don’t go to too many castings. I did a Coogi shoot. I want to do more fashion campaigns. Plus I’m a co-host with DJ Green Lantern so I try to limit the kinds of things that I do.

TUD: How did you make the transition from modeling to radio?

I started out on “Lip Service” on Shade 45. It was a late night show with two female hosts, Angela Yee and Leah Rose. I went on the show a few times as “the model” and they asked me to be an in-house guest. [Eventually] I got away from the talking raunchy and doing more interviews. One time Angela asked me if I could take her spot on the morning show because she had to go out of town. So I got a chance to co-host with Cypha Sounds and it was my first time on the radio and I did my best to imitate her. Several months later she called me and asked if I’d be interested in working with Green Lantern, he was looking for a co-host. I just feel privileged that she believed in me enough to recommend me to Green Lantern.

TUD: I remember getting a mixtape of that show, ya’ll got buckwild!

It was really crazy. My first time on the show we had a deepthroat contest with bananas. And I’m thinking it’s radio and nobody can see me. But you really don’t think how it can affect you. I won the contest …

TUD: Say word?…

But those things make you think. Girls get thirsty to get on the show and they wanna swallow things and show you they can put anal beads up their ass, that they can lactate from their breasts and not be pregnant. I’m more entertained by it than wanting to be that sexual person.

TUD: But you’ve got a body full of tats. How did you get the Dragon on your back?

I left church when I was 18 to get that tattoo. We were preparing for the Thanksgiving play and I left service to get it. I was so thirsty to show it off and they were like “you got shot in your back?” cuz I was bleeding through the paper. I wanted something on the Asian side cuz I’m not really deep into my roots so I just associated the dragon with Asian (culture). It looks like it’s catching a character, and the character means beauty. So the idea was “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” On my Senior Trip to Cancun Mexico we went to get tattoos cuz no one’s parents were around. We watched them break the needles and all that. I got another little symbol that was supposed to be a Japanese character, but I found out after a bikini wax that it’s not, it was supposed to mean courage and it was a whopping ten dollars

TUD: Guess it really meant, “buyer beware…”

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Sharon Divine models by request through Morena Entertainment Management

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