R&B crooner Lloyd has been missing in action for some time now, but we have not waited for his re-emergence in vein. He has been working harder than ever after leaving The Inc. and promises only the best music to his fans upon his return. He revamped Lessons In Love 2.0 and released it as a mix tape for free(that’s right- free legal music) and yesterday he released his new EP  “Like Me” online for free to his fans. Also check him out in Young Money’s new video- “Bedrock.”

Here’s what Lloyd had to say about leaving The Inc:

“I outgrew where I was at. I’m young, there’s still a lot I want to do in my career and in order to see some of those things happen I just felt that I had to move on. Whatever problems there were I don’t have those problems anymore!”

Lloyd on Mix Tapes overtaking Hip-Hop and R&B:

“Any artist that works a lot, gets tired of making songs that never see the light of day. I just take that as the opportunity give the fans something more than I have to. It says a lot about an artists to  give out free music just for the fans to say thank you and check this out. It’s actually something I’ve taken heed to.”

On his comparisons to Michael Jackson:

“I admire Mike. I think there are people you can’t imitate or duplicate. When you’re considered to be so great naturally everything people do after you will be compared to you in a certain way. In no way shape or fashion do I consider myself in his league.”

Lloyd on differentiating himself from other R&B artist in the game:

“I don’t think anyone in music sounds like me!”

Which artist’s are on his new EP?

“J Holiday, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Rich Boy, Juelz, Wayne, Bun B.”

On working with Drake:

“He’s an incredibly talented guy. He’s really funny and I really enjoyed hanging around those guys. Anytime you can be amongst a peer who is just talented beyond explanation- it feels good. It’s nothing new to Drake. He’s been making his music out of Toronto and now that it is finally popping off and the world is talking about him it’s like he takes that into consideration every time he raps or sings. He makes you feel like he is giving it everything he got, I enjoy that the most.”

Advice for new artists:

“I think the most important thing is that you have a confidence in yourself, so when people tell you that you can’t do something or that it won’t happen at least you know in your heart that this is going to work for you. Just have all the confidence in yourself, and pray on it.”

What will the new album sound like?

“Its going to sound like a gorilla out of a cage. Its going to be big, its going to be in your face!”

Listen to “Like Me”.

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