At first glance many would be hypnotized by vixen Nalita L. She stands 5’5 with sparkling green eyes and a natural figure most video girls pay for. Her shapely silhouette is as sweet as her innocent demeanor. Nalita is pleasant, soft spoken and shy until the flash of a camera awakens her dormant sexy. While […]

Skin Deep was created in 2008 by Professional Photographer Mike Jones. It showcased beautiful urban models in admirable and alluring light. Each week the ladies would be primped to please on a private set. The photos lived on where they would generate hundreds of comments and thousands of views. Skin Deep was highly successful […]

We love Spring for much more than just the warmer weather! Spring time brings out the best in artists and delivers us the great music that sets the scene for our summer.

It’s been a long time coming for President Obama and Fox news. The Commander-In-Chief finally sat down with “the enemy” to talk about his Health Care plan. Too bad he couldn’t really say much.

Last night on the “Bad Girls Club 4 Reunion”, S.I native Flo set out for retaliation, and to kick everyone’s a**.

That’s right Trey invented sex, Diddy invented the remix and Chris Brown invented cunnilingus?

Just when you didn’t think Howard Stern could get anymore disrespectful he calls Gabourey Sidibe, star of Precious, “the most enormous fat black chick I’ve ever seen!”

Inspired by the other nights altercation with Kobe Bryant and Matt Barnes, an ode to the biggest NBA fights came to mind. These athletes make millions upon millions of dollars but they can’t quite get along- smh! Check out the “almost fight” below! Check out these fan-made compilations of The Best NBA fights! RELATED: Kobe […]

Lil’ Bow Wow turned 23 yesterday and as a surprise birthday gift, his mom/ manager bought his a Phantom Rolls Royce. According to his twitter he’s takin it back and getting something better!

Thirteen years ago today one of the greatest rappers of all time passed away from gunshot wounds to his chest after a party in California.

Oh snap! I thought Beyonce came out of the womb fierce. These throwback pictures of our favorite celeb’s are not only funny but they show the person for who they really are.

Remy Ma called all the way in from prison to speak on Nicki Minaj and the female rap game.