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Last night on the “Bad Girls Club 4 Reunion”, S.I native Flo set out for retaliation, and to kick everyone’s a**.

Here’s a Recap:

Natalie spit on Kate.

Amber is pregnant.

Kendra is a kind of a hoe.

Annie is afraid of Flo.

And Lexie is still pretty dumb.

Perez Hilton the antagonist was there armed with his water gun and creepy sexual innuendos. He asked Natalie did she give Chris Brown oral sex, of course she denied and claimed she doesn’t do that, but Natalie- who are you fooling? Even “sleep with any and everyone Kendra” said she doesn’t give “blow jobs“, (who still uses that term?).

Kate and her ditsy boyfriend moved in together even after she slept with her best friend and Amber is impregnated with a baby “predator.” Flo obviously missed a dosage of her Ritalin, but she turned it all the way up!

Well that’s part one. Next week Oxygen airs part two with Porscha, the first Bad Girl sent home for kicking Natalie’s a**.

Here is the vid, watch to see Natalie get beat up AGAIN:

“I will break your jaw!”

Comedian Lil’ Duval: “Natalie From Bad Girls Club Needs A Chin Strap”

VIDEO: Best Bad Girl Brawls Of All Time

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