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[In recognition of Prince’s Birthday I’m republishing this interview with Detroit producer Black Milk where he discusses sampling Prince for an underground  mixtape, Songs From The Color Purple]

Producer Black Milk didn’t kill Prince, but in preparation for his new CD, Tronic, we got the Detroit musician to walk through an O.J. Simpson like scenario: if he did chop up his purple badness, how would he have done it? Click to hear his hypothetical confession.

“I thought [the idea] was wack at first even though Prince is one of my favorite artists of all time, besides Stevie Wonder,” Black Milk confesses. “Prince isn’t the type of music you sample, it’s just dope shit you listen to it and learn from it. But after I thought about it I said it would be a challenge to flip some Prince beats because nobody chops up Prince.”

The collection is soon to be an urban legend so we spoke with Black Milk while he was on tour in Europe about why he took a chance on putting a blade to Prince’s throat.

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