This year alcohol has made more appearances in music videos than P.Diddy. The bar must be very thankful for the rise in stock in 2009. So here is a tribute and rank of the top five liq’s of the year.

5. This is for thugs everywhere, and thanks to Max B Grand Cru has made its way into the limelight. Ow!

4. Taking a step back from the number one spot is Grey Goose. It has been the vodka of choice for years. This year in partnership with BET Grey Goose produced Rising Icons- a series that recognizes eight talented entertainers. The goose had to take a backseat due to all the new “rising” beverages this year.

3. “Patron got you in the zone!” One shot of this and you’ll be in the zone all right! Tequila made a comeback this year with Patron Silver. Although you shouldn’t take this bottle to the head, it’s sweet after-taste will have you craving just “One more drink.”

2. Hennesey has always been a hood favorite but after Kanye took some sips of it then jacked Taylor Swifts spotlight in front of millions of people at the VMA’s, Hen-Rock has evolved into something way larger. Even M.J’s dad had a sip!

1. The number one Alcohol of 2009 would have to be (drumroll please) NUVO. Who knew that sparkling pink liquor could cause such a buzz (no pun intended). It’s unique bottle, color, and faint taste of wine will leave you feeling nice without being overly intoxicated. The hint of carbonation is essential to its sweet taste. Nuvo has appeared in over ten music videos this year and sponsored numerous events all over the world.

“Imma take a shot of the Nuvo!”

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