There are reports going around the internet that Tiger (gasp) had sex with a Black girl twice. A girl called Denise called up a radio station in California and said that she had sex with Tiger twice in Hawaii. Here’s some more info.

Denise said the first time she had sex with Tiger, he was not married, but the second time he was and expressed to her that he was not happy with wife Elin and that she had a bad temper.

Denise did not want to use her real name or speak to news publications because she claimed she did not want to dishonor her family; however, she wanted the radio listeners to known that Tiger did not just pursue white women.

Also she wanted people to know Tiger did not just seek out waitresses and escorts, and she is currently a Cal State San Bernardino student graduating in the spring with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

The caller then clarified she was of black and Puerto Rican heritage, but identified as black.

She stressed that Tiger is a good person and is kind.

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