When attending a sensual circus, it helps to get a little buzzed beforehand just in case things get more kinky than you’re anticipating. And what’s more sensual than absinthe?

Spiegelworld is easily one of the most awesome circuses ever, especially since I refuse to attend regular circuses with trained animals (cause they look all abused and whatnot). It’s a fine mix of all the things I enjoy watching, drunk OR sober: acrobatics, dirty jokes, and totally awesome tricks involving hula hoops and ropes and children and whatnot. Sue me – I was pretty much addicted to Cirque du Soleil and watching rhythmic gymnastics when I was a kid.

Absinthe is known as one of the sexiest drinks in the world, but those who can’t or won’t travel to Europe don’t have the luxury of tasting real, illegal (in the U.S.) absinthe, the kind that makes you trippy and horny after a sip or two. However, Lucid Absinthe comes pretty close, at least in the euphoric/flirty department, so I was pretty happy to see it holding steady as the featured drink during Spiegelworld’s “Absinthe” show. Here’s the recipe to my favorite Lucid cocktail of the night, the “Green Lantern”…even though I was anything but lucid by the end of the show.


The "Mint Muse," shown here, was pretty good too, but I had to pick one!

1 oz. Lucid

1 ½ oz. Midori

Ginger Ale

Garnish = 2-3 muddled limes and long green lime spiral

Glassware = Rocks Glass

  • In a rocks glass, muddle about 3 lime wedges
  • Add ice, Midori and Lucid and transfer to a shaker
  • Shake thoroughly and return mixture to rocks glass
  • Top with a splash of ginger ale and garnish with lime

NY residents: Spiegelworld: Absinthe will be going on until November 2, so buy tickets ASAP! Just  leave the kids at home.

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