green lantern

Green Lantern opens in theaters nationwide today,  and while Hollywood hottie Ryan Reynolds anchors the newest DC Comics franchise as Hal Jordan, the burning question on our lips is: “Where the heck is John Stewart?”   Actor Nick Jones Jr. was cast and had a cameo appearance in the film, but sadly his scenes only […]

The summer movie season is underway, officially starting with the release of The Hangover 2 over the Memorial Day weekend. It’s a summer that will be dominated at the box office by sequels, prequels, comic book and novel adaptations, with some original works scattered about. But that shouldn’t be much of a surprise, as recent […]

Today at 1P.M. EST, Keeping It Reel host Tim Gordon welcomes a dozen film critics (including The Urban Daily’s ReBecca Theodore-Vachon) for the 2011 Summer Preview. We’ll talk about some of the 100 films scheduled for release as well as look at the certified winners and the films that will crash and burn! If you plan on going to […]

When attending a sensual circus, it helps to get a little buzzed beforehand just in case things get more kinky than you’re anticipating. And what’s more sensual than absinthe?