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Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  The man who you could easily call the greatest musician to enter the public’s consciousness in the last 30 years has possibly made the worst career decision ever.

After seeing the Vikings defeat the Dallas Cowboys last week, Prince felt inspired and wrote a song for his hometown’s NFL franchise.

VIDEO: Sheila E Pokes Fun At Prince After Saints Win

And boy, does this song stink more than the album he produced for Carmen Electra.

“Purple And Gold” was given exclusively to Minneapolis’ Fox 9 news on Thursday.

Listen to the whole song here.

Here are some other bad moments in the career of a bonafide genius:

*  Prince Embarasses Himself On Stage With Michael Jackson & James Brown

The thought of seeing Michael Jackson, James Brown and Prince on stage together is absolutely mindblowing.  These three musical titans have had an enormous impact on all music and that much talent on one stage should be absolutely incredible.   And it looks like it was… until Prince came and made an ass out of himself.

* Prince Vs. The Internet

Prince’s relationship with the internet began amicably enough.  You could convincingly make an argument that Prince was the first artist to have an album leak on the internet. Even if he leaked it himself.  At the height of his dispute with his record label in the mid-1990s, Prince leaked an early version of his The Gold Experience album onto the internet. By the end of the decade, Prince would begin to be hated by his fans as several of them found themselves being sued by the musician for — get this — posting pictures of him and using the symbol that he adopted as his name on the internet.

The suits were later withdrawn, but in 2007, the purple one did it all over again!  This culminated in the operators of the websites coming together under the umbrella of “Prince Fans United”, which when abbreviated is “P.F.U.”  I think you can figure out what else that abbreviation might stand for.  Prince responded with a forgettable song called “PFUnk”

Prince also ticked off the entire internet in 2007 after videos of his now-legendary performance at the Coachella music festival popped up on YouTube.  Prince had the audio of all of these videos disabled claiming copyright infringement… even on the songs he didn’t write, most notably being his version of Radiohead’s “Creep.”  Radiohead themselves thought Prince had gone too far.  Thom Yorke, lead singer of the band, stated in an interview “Well, tell him to unblock it.  It’s our song!”

Read more about Prince’s ridiculous dealings with the internet here. And here.

* Prince releases the film, Graffiti Bridge

Worst. Movie. Ever.  This “sequel” to his first film, the hugely successful Purple Rain, looks like it was shot on a $5 budget.  Prince wrote and directed the film himself.  He also reprises the character of “The Kid” from Purple Rain. Morris Day & The Time also appeared in the film in their original roles.  The film was originally slated to co-star Madonna, who read the script once and pretty much laughed in his face.  Even the most hardcore of Prince fans pretend that this movie never happened.

* Prince dons speedo with suspenders in music video.

People like to mention Prince’s appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards in the yellow pants with the butt cut out as his worst outfit ever.  I bet they’ve never seen the video for “Gangster Glam.” Fortunately the video never made it any further than a home video release, but if you purchased the “Gett Off” video maxi-single back in 1991, you were probably haunted by this image:


What are some of your least favorite moments in Prince history? Let us know in the comments!

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