While 50 Cent is known for his aggressive lyrical content in his music, but he was comical during his first pitch at yesterday’s Mets game. On Tuesday night, 50 unleashed one of the worst ceremonial first pitches you will see on a baseball field. 50 was on hand on hand to promote his upcoming concert at Citi […]

Going to someone’s wedding is always eventful. You never know who is going to get the drunkest and act a damn fool and as much as you hope everyone at the wedding can hold their liquor, you secretly wish for someone to get their Girls Gone Wild on just so you have something to talk […]

Oh, Jimmy Kimmel, you sly dog. The twerker, Caitlin Heller, who caught fire from getting busy on her door and then fell onto a table with burning candles once her roommate opened the door is actually stunt woman, Daphne Avalon. RELATED: 11 Random Questions We Have For The Fire Twerker [VIDEO] Kimmel did it as a […]

  Ever since Miley Cyrus shook her barely-there ass on Robin Thicke at the VMAs and called it twerking, the relatively old dance with a new name has gone viral. The New York Times even tried to make it digestible for their audience by doing an “in-depth” piece on it. While some out of ouch […]

Rapper Lil Boosie is currently serving time for several drug related charges, including an 8-year bid he was sentenced to for trying to smuggled drugs IN to jail. But one man has gone the extra mile to show his support for the Baton Rouge artist. Where They Do That At? A rapper going by the […]

Yung LA has finally come to his senses and realized that a tattoo of a duck on his face wasn’t exactly a good idea and is having it covered up… Or was he pressured into getting it covered?

Musiq Soulchild took a tumble off the stage during his set at Kem's concert at New York's Madison Square Garden, but kept the show going. Watch it now!

Lil Kim claims that her new mixtape, Black Friday, sold 113,000 copies in it's first 28 hours of availability, a number that was met with wide disbelief all across the internet.

We weren’t the only ones that wanted to petition for better education in prison when we saw Gucci Mane’s pause-worthy facial tattoo of three ice cream cones on his face. Even the artist responsible is having regrets. The writers over at counted down some of the most questionable ink choices in recent times and […]

Raz-B’s brother, Ricky Romance has written a rather lengthy and wordy apology letter to Chris Brown for making threats to shoot Brown.

It seems that Gucci Mane may not have been locked up in a mental institution after all.

When Raz B’s brother, Ricky Romance, said that he’d kill Chris Brown if he ever stepped foot in Los Angeles, C Breezy obviously took it with a grain of salt.