Lil Kim claims that her new mixtape, Black Friday, sold 113,000 copies in it’s first 28 hours of availability, a number that was met with wide disbelief all across the internet.

Purchasing the $10 mixtape (wait a minute… we’re supposed to pay for a mixtape?) was made difficult due to an improperly working link on Kim’s website, which is the only place the mixtape is available for sale.  If you were able to figure out how to access the Kim’s PayPal page, you were left dumbfounded when you received a confirmation notice stating how the charge would appear on your credit card and no further instructions on how to download the mixtape.

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It was later revealed that there was no download for the mixtape and that physical copies would be mailed out.

Before we go any further, let’s recap:

1) Link to buy the mixtape doesn’t work.

2) We’re being asked to BUY a mixtape in an era where mixtapes are freely given out as free downloads.

3) Once we buy this mixtape, we do not get an instant download and must wait for a compact disc (what are those?) to arrive in our mailboxes.

Ok, let’s continue…

Around 8pm last night, Lil’ Kim’s twitter account proudly announced “sales figures” for the mixtape:

The announcement was immediately met with skepticism by many.  Lil Kim’s last proper album, 2005’s The Naked Truth, sold 109,000 copies in it’s first week and now Kim is trying to convince us that her mixtape that has had very little positive buzz outsold it in 28 hours. Sensing something was off about those numbers, Robo3K of contacted PayPal and received some telling information about how PayPal handles purchases.

“In the past 30 minutes, I have been given 5 different non-working numbers and have transferred over 7 times… I have NEWS.  PAYPAL ONLY PROCESSES PAYMENTS. THEY DON’T SELL THE ACTUAL ITEMS. ‘There is no such thing as a record for top processed payments.’ As far as being the #1 seller on Paypal… ‘Someone on eBay holds that. If the product isn’t being sold on eBay, then it’s false.’

“About to find out more information on cap amounts one can make in a day.

“I asked the question once again, ‘Is there such a thing as holding a record for being the top seller through PayPal or the most processed payments?’ Their answer as ‘No, we only process payments and we don’t track information like that. The seller themselves would have to.’

“So @LilKim, we present you with the Whitney Houston ‘I Look To You’ Award in hopes you look back at us, and tell us the truth. Thank you.”

Robo3k also noted that processing that much money in such a short time would have raised a red flag at PayPal who would have investigated her account for fraud.

If Kim actually made $1,128,870, her amount would’ve been shut down for suspicions of fraud. Also, her link has only been clicked 24K+/- times, so… 113K sold?

So in response to Nicki Minaj‘s lyric “which b*tch you know made a million off a mixtape,” it surely wasn’t Lil’ Kim.

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