Ever since Miley Cyrus shook her barely-there ass on Robin Thicke at the VMAs and called it twerking, the relatively old dance with a new name has gone viral. The New York Times even tried to make it digestible for their audience by doing an “in-depth” piece on it. While some out of ouch adults are busy trying to figure out what twerking is, the young people are busy making twerking videos.

One girl learned that twerking isn’t for the faint of heart when she was twerking and wound up falling through a glass table and then accidentally setting her on fire. (We promise to refrain from cliché Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire” references.) now that this random girl’s twerking fail has gone viral, we have some questions for her.

Take a look at the video and peep our questions below.

1. Were there no other places to twerk besides the only entryway into the apartment?

2. How mad are you that your friend saw you on fire and she screamed and kept running to her room?

3. Exactly how many shots did you take to get the courage to twerk on camera?

4. Now that you see the possible dangers, are you still about that Miley Cyrus life?

5. Why didn’t you stop, drop, and roll? I mean you were on fire!

6. Why were you trying to set the mood for twerking with the three candles?

7. Why don’t you have rhythm?

8. Who’s going to pay for that glass table you broke or the carpet you’ve ruined?

9. When you move out of this apartment, do you expect to get your security deposit back?

10. How does it feel to know you forfeited your security deposit for a twerk video?

11. What degree were those burns you sustained?

If you have any random questions for the fire tweakier, please leave them in the comment section.



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