Yeah he did that! Apparently President Obama looked all over the White House for some chill but came up empty as there was zero chill in his pockets when he walked up to the podium at the 2014 White House Correspondence Dinner and we loved every last minute of it! It’s nice to see the […]

  Ever since Miley Cyrus shook her barely-there ass on Robin Thicke at the VMAs and called it twerking, the relatively old dance with a new name has gone viral. The New York Times even tried to make it digestible for their audience by doing an “in-depth” piece on it. While some out of ouch […]

  Legendary ratchet rapper Juicy J ignited a firestorm on Twitter when he announced that he would give a student a $50,000 scholarship for twerking. However, it looks like Juicy J wasn’t prepared for the response he got because after we reported the initial announcement, the tweet mysteriously disappeared from his timeline. He did say he […]