With the launch of video sites like YouTube, the world was introduced to the phenomenon of Viral Videos.  These videos spread organically across the internet as people forwarded links to their friends to videos that they found to be hilarious.

Here are some of our favorite clips that made the rounds on the internet in the last 10 years.

1. David After Dentist

This young boy just came back from the dentist and is still feeling the effects of the drugs the dentist gave him.  Young David became an instant internet celebrity after this video hit YouTube.

2. Will Ferrell’s Landlord

One of the first videos to be posted on Ferrell’s “Funny Or Die” website, this hilarious video was sent from inbox to inbox a few years ago, and is still funny to this day.

3. Weatherman Vs Cockroach

This local weatherman encounters a cockroach while on the job and hilarity ensues.

4.  Samwell “What What (In The Butt)”

Sure to make a few people uncomfortable, this ode to man on man anal sex was a internet hit. (NSFW, obviously)

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5. Tom Cruise Endorses Scientology

Tom Cruise is shown acting a little strange in this Scientology approved video which is frequently taken down from YouTube by the Church of Scientology.

6. Tay Zonday “Chocolate Rain”

Tay Zonday’s odd music video for the song “Chocolate Rain” made him a household name overnight and allowed him to make several television appearances and forever become a part of internet history.


7. Star Wars Kid

Because we all did something like this once upon a time…. Don’t lie.


After Britney Spears’ horrible comeback performance at the 2007 MTV VMA’s, Chris Crocker posted this emotional defense of Britney to YouTube making him an instant star.

9. Hitler Finds Out Michael Jackson Died

Clips like this are why I love the internet.

10. Alexyss K. Tylor Talks About Penis Power

There’s gold to be found on public access.  Just watch this clip of Alexyss K Tylor’s show from Atlanta’s public access channels.  (NSFW – Very explicit language)

LOST IN TRANSLATION: Kush Supporter Is a Girl’s Breast Friend

11. The Spirit Of Truth

Originally broadcast on public access television in California, a man calling himself Reverend X flows straight from the survival scrolls.  Are you laughing beeeeeyotch?  (NSFW)

12. T-Baby “It’s So Cold In The D”

Greatest music video to ever hit the internet.  Yeah I said it.

13. Reh Dogg “Why Must I Cry”

The second best music video on YouTube.

When Self-Esteem Goes Wrong

14. Bubb Rubb & The Whistle Cars

Bubb Rubb tells a news crew how cars fitted with whistle tips sound.

15. The Leprechaun of Mobile, Alabama

C’mon son…

16. The Best Wedding Entrance Dance Ever

This video was so popular that it helped resurrect Chris Brown’s career after Rihannagate and was even recreated on an episode of the television series The Office.

17. Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

After watching this, you have to wonder if that’s really make up on the kid’s face…

18. Auto-Tune The News

There were many clips in this series, but this one made everyone stop and take notice. Get it in, Katie Couric!

19. Grape Lady Falls

There’s a lesson to be learned in this video: Cheaters never win.

20. The Oozinator


21. 7-Year-Old Takes Car On Joyride

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Lattarian Milton.

22. Envy Vs Eli Porter

The hilarious and controversial amateur rap battle between Envy and a young Eli Porter. He’s the best man. He did it.

23. Don’t Tase Me Bro!

This 2007 video features a young man by the name of Andrew Meyer, a student at the University of Florida who protested during a speech by former Presidential candidate John Kerry. When University police try to get him under control by using a taser, Meyer lets loose one of the greatest catchphrases in internet history.

24. Bill O’Reilly Flips Out

This unaired blooper from Bill O’Reilly’s old show Inside Edition shows the current Fox News anchor and enemy of Ludacris losing his temper at the crew of the show.

25. OK Go “Here It Goes Again”

This virtually unknown alternative rock band claimed their 15 minutes of fame after the music video for their song “Here It Goes Again” hit the internet. The elaborately choreographed video featured the band dancing on treadmills. They performed the video, treadmills in tow, at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2006.

Which videos did we forget?   Let us know in the comments!

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