What happens when you mix Black History month and Valentine’s Day? You get Black Love!

At least in theory…

However, if you look at “reality” TV as the template you could walk away with some really peculiar ideas about Black romance! We’ve rounded up some of the most popular “black love” shows on reality TV and shed a tear for the days of Cliff and Claire Huxtable…

Starting off with the originator Flavor Flav…

Flavor Of Love was Vh1’s rendition of “The Bachelor” minus the white millionaire and “class” part. Nevertheless, “Flav” broke hearts and television rating records. His search for love (which has always been strange) brought about a fame thirsty Tiffany Pollard aka New York.

Although she apparently didn’t have the “Flavor Of Love” her obnoxious personality  spawned her own reality series. “I Love New York” took her out of the background and put her in the limelight. Instead of looking for love, twenty men fought for hers. But even with the fighting between The Entertainer, Real and Chance her mom found a man faster than she did. New York’s search had the highest debut in Vh1 history!

Two spin-offs later the brothers known as Real And Chance got their shot at rejecting women in a degrading manner.  Ultimately, Ahmad (Real) selected a young lady named Corn Fed while Kamal (Chance) selected remained single. In the second season Doll and Hot Wings were the lucky ladies.

But why should the reality show castaways have all of the fun?

By this time it was pretty obvious that all these reality love shows never actually worked out in “real” life but Vh1 kept it going with “For The Love of Ray-J.” Ray wasn’t on any of the original series but, he got a chance to chase love too. After having his heart “broken” by Kim Kardashian he was the perfect candidate to take on the role of the next relationship seeker. A baby, gay rumor, mental hospital,Cock-Tail and milf later I guess he found what he was looking or.

This brings us to where we are today…

“Lets Talk About Pep” is Vh1’s newest “I can’t find love the regular way” show.  So far the only real flames have been on her date’s processed hair. I wonder who they will sign up next?

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