Oh, it’s bad to be a Republican right now. And no one has a worst time than the too-cool-for-school dimepiece known the world over as Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. With her wannabe commander-in-chief on the ropes, The Urban Daily muses on what’s next for Palin once all the votes are counted.

Be A Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader:

With her down-home sensibilities and killer smile, Governor Palin can easily trade her Alaskan cold shoulder for a blazing hot blue and silver cheerleading uniform thus driving crowds into a frenzy. Besides… with “America’s Team” falling on hard times, Governor Palin can use the skills she learned during the McCain campaign to bring a smile to everyone down in the Lone Star state.

Become the “White Oprah”:

Her easy-going nature and charm can get her on any TV in America. In fact, the other white Oprah (zing!) can put her money where her mouth is and invest in another entertainment asset that will go along with her collection of Dr. Phil and Rachel Ray. Palin can touch on the issues that are really top priority in America: when to run from a black person, how to answer a question without answering it and why dating an older man who’s married is a gift and a curse.

Be a Playboy magazine cover girl:

Men love women who love guns and although most liberals aren’t fans of the NRA, they’d run over each other to cop the latest issue of Playboy. Imagine a smoking-hot Republican on the cover of Hugh’s prized mag. She might single-handedly revitalize the print game — that or at least become the iconic wet dream for men all over this great land of ours.

Be on Dancing With The Stars:

Retired football giants, reality TV stars, Kim Kardashian and more have all been on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars with mixed results. I think homegirl could two-step with the best of them. Judging by the hips Palin has she’d at least be better than the one-legged girl. Ultimately, some drama may unfold when she sees Emmitt Smith in the changing room and says, “Maybe it’s not so bad to have a black president after all…

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