From November 24, 2009 until December 31, 2009 (549) people entered Black Planet’s One Minute To Shine contest. 1,688 votes later the contest came to an end. With 1,296 of those votes going to winner Saskya Sky.

The Urban interviewed the Haitian-born singer about her music career, her unique name and how the earth quake in Haiti has effected her family.

Name: Saskya Sky

Age: 19

From: Thomassique, Haiti.

TUD: How did you get such a unique name?

Saskya: “My mom read a Creole story book when I was a young girl about a little girl name Saskya who was very caring and had a good heart.  My mom felt I would be that person so she gave me the name.”

What did the One Minute To Shine Contest mean to you?

“It was a motivator for me to expose my music talent to the world. Also to interact with other artists and listen to and understand different music from unsigned artists like myself.”

How has Black Planet helped your career thus far?

“It has created a buzz for me because people did not know who I was until I asked them to vote for me. They began to listen to my music and follow me on BlackPlanet, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. People are requesting more music from me which make me really feel good.”

What made you enter and did you think you would win?

“A good friend Henri, and yes I did think I would win because in my heart I knew it was my time and I put a lot of hard work into it.”

What are the prizes you are receiving?

“I received a cash prize of $1000 an interview with and the opportunity to meet with a record label executive.”

How do you plan to use your winnings to further your career?

“I’ve already decided to donate my cash prize to Yele Haiti. Being on Urban will get people to know who I am throughout the world. Also, I know when I meet with the record label executive they will find my sound, and my music interesting.”

Where do you want your career to go?

“From here the Sky is the limit! I’m happy because I feel like I’m making progress, I want to do so much more.”

Which artist’s inspire you to do what you do?

“Celine Dion, Frederic Francois, Michael Jackson”

Why do you call yourself the Haitian Princess?

“My friend Henri gave me that name (lol)”

How are you effected by the earthquake in Haiti?

“It turned my world upside down. Most of my family live in Port Au Prince. I lost a few family members that I know of. My family is very large. My grandfather on my mothers side has 16 children! That only make up about 15% of my relatives. Im sure there are deaths that I’m not aware of yet.”

What have you done so far to help?

“So far my family and I have collected clothing that we plan on sending. I also, will be donating my cash prize to Yele Haiti.”

What do you recommend that others can do to help?

“At this point people should donate what they can and ‘NOT” forget Haiti!”

“Touch Me”

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