Rihanna said it herself: “F-Love.” Some of you are counting down to Valentine’s Day while the rest of you really hate it! For those in the V-Day hater group here are some movies to watch while you stick pins in those stuffed animals and throw popcorn at the TV.

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What’s Love Got To Do With It? (1993)

This story of Ike & Tina Turner’s rocky, abusive marriage made Larry Fishburne the most hated man in the ‘hood until The Matrix came out.

Kill Bill 1&2 (2003)

A bride wakes from a coma after being left for dead only to find out that her baby was taken from her. The next two movies are spent hunting down her former lover and dismembering everyone in her path.

Trois (2000)

Ladies, if your man is pressuring you to try that threesome for V-Day, have him watch this first…

Teeth (2007)

This movie is literally every man’s nightmare as a virginal high school student realizes that her Power U has a double row of teeth capable of instant castration.

War of The Roses (1989)

As if divorce isn’t bad enough Kathleen Turner’s character makes her ex think that she cooked his dog and fed it to him.

Hancock (2008) (also peep My Super Ex-Girlfriend)

All of the power in the world but being with your true love will get you killed. Sucks to be you.

Death Proof (2007)

A demented serial killer makes road kill out of unsuspecting women but gets his comeuppance when he targets the wrong clique.

Obsessed (2008)

What better way to get into and argument with your girl than to drool over Beyonce in a catfight?

A Thin Line Between Love & Hate (1996)

Be careful what you ask for fellas, you just my get it…

Eve’s Bayou(1997)

Mix up a philandering doctor with a black widow aunt and some cajun incest and you’ve got all the makings for the most compelling, dramatic anti-Valentine’s Day movie ever.

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