The Urban Daily has a lot of fun here in the office and wherever we go we always get asked what do we think is sooooo funny about the 2008 Presidential elections. Well, after the jump, you can check out our top five presidential punchlines!

#5. Vote for Lando Calrissian!

In a galaxy far, far, far away… Billy Dee Williams throws his hat into the ring as the race for leader of the Star Wars galaxy heats up. A smear campaign from Emperor Palpatine gives a vicious attack on Calrissian’s campaign. Someone shouldn’t have given Williams all those Colt 45’s and that outrageously bad outfit.

#4. Diddy – “Sarah Palin Scares Me!”

Diddy may be a lot of things… (Insert your thoughts here)… but he’s not much of a punk. When his latest rant aired on his DiddyTV Youtube channel, you caught a glimpse at to what makes the “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” man stop dead in his tracks… Sarah Palin. I thought it would be birth control and child support…

#3. Peanut Wiggins – Chocolate News

If you ever want to piss people off during the most important election of the year, then head on down to Jacksonville, Florida and hang out with Peanut Wiggins! The obnoxiously “real” electoral gatekeeper will make sure that the crimes of Florida in 2004 don’t happen again. But if can’t spell the candidate’s names… is it same to say that you can’t count the votes, either?

#2. ‘Twas The Night Before November 4th

Those crazy kids at The Real certainly know how to use hip-hop as humor. In a skit befitting of Dave Chappelle, the New York duo put a yueltide spin on today’s voting frenzy. Hopefully, when this catches fire, Obama will be sooooo impressed that he’ll do the “Arab Money” dance after taking the oath of office.

#1. Saturday Night Live – Katie Couric Interviews Sarah Palin

After Tina Fey made a special guest appearance as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, she cemented her name as one of the best female comics in the game. When paired with Amy Poehler, they’re comedy gold! The kicker is that most of the bit was pulled directly from the actual interview on CBS. But in all of her adorable cuteness, Tina Fey makes Sarah Palin endearing to millions of viewers with two gunshots, a wink and a smile…

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