People are saying that Waka Flocka and Young Jeezy’s CTE member Slick Pulla were involved in a shootout at the Walter’s Clothing Store in Atlanta. Here’s what Freddy-O said.

Story has it that Waka Flocka and Slick Pulla have been beefing since an altercation that happened in Miami a few months ago. Slick Pulla wanted to get it popping and that’s what he tried to do. After a tussle and fight throughout the entire Walter’s store, with customers, gunfire rang out. In the end Slick Pulla left the store while Waka was left with a bloody nose and eye.

Waka Flocka would later tweet

“Shout out to shawty who ran up wit the lumps on his face that look like Martin Lawrence …… lol.”

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