Monica and Brandy were spotted together, showing us they’re still friends after 12 years.

Back in the 90’s when Brandy and Monica were fueding over Mekhi Phiefer, my friends and I used to argue over who we liked more, who was prettier, and who won the “ad-lib” battle in the breakdown of “The Boy Is Mine.” It was one of the biggest selling singles of 1998. It stayed on the Billboard charts for 13 weeks and was the girls first number 1 single. The ladies even won a grammy for it. The media sparked rumors of these ladies fueding and d**n near divided a nation…ok, not a nation but divided teenage girls everywhere. We just didnt know who to choose.

“Its Just One Of Those Days”(Monica) became the female national anthem and “Have You Ever” (Brandy) was the national tear-jerking anthem. Both women are extremely talented vocalist and equally successful.

Artist, Actress, Rapper, Songwriter, Producer

20 million Records Sold (Worldwide)

Singer, Entertainer, Fashion Designer

15 Million Records Sold (Worldwide)

The Boy Is Mine

Who was your favorite?

AUDIO: Monica “Everything”

Who Does This Booty Belong To?

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