Last week on HBO’s True Blood, we learned who the killer was. But in tonight’s season finale, the showdown comes to a dramatic end.

With Jason in prison, Rene offered Sookie a lift to her home. While she cooked up some lunch, Arlene discovered Rene’s stash of vampire sex films, including the one with Maudette, while Sam smelled Rene’s vest and recognized the scent. At the same time, Rene, whose thoughts don’t have a fake Cajun accent, can no longer keep his murderous thoughts at bay, so Sookie sees him thinking about murdering poor Grandma Stackhouse.

This led to the epic final chase. Sookie runs away, hiding in an open grave, but Rene finds her and starts beating the crap out of her. Dean the Dog (aka Sam) arrives to bite Rene, but gets knocked down. Proving just how evil he is, Rene proceeds to kick the crap out of the dog until it turns into a butt-naked Sam, which makes Rene even more inclined to kick him. Sookie comes to, picks up a shovel, and bangs Rene on the head, and for good measure, she decapitates him by shoving it through the back of his neck.

To read the rest of this review, go here. For info about the second season of True Blood, go here.

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