At least that’s the message we took from her 1999 single “Chante’s Got a Man” from the album This Moment is Mine.

Ladies, close your eyes and imagine this.  Well, read this first, and then close your eyes and imagine it because it’d be kind of hard to do it the other way around.  Okay.  It’s a Friday night.  You and some of your girlfriends gather together to have a glass of wine or 4 and do some therapeutic venting about your man problems.  Love is a battlefield, and sometimes even the mightiest of warriors get weary, and tonight, all you wanna do is find some strength in your girls and forget that men even exist for awhile.

Then the one heiffer in the room with a man stands up and yells, “LATER FOR YOU LONELY B!TCHES, I GOTTA GO HOME AND WATCH LEROY GET BUTT NEKKID AND SCRAMBLE ME SOME EGGS.  BYE!”

That’s pretty much what this song amounts to.

Why does this make her so mad?? Read more here at Splakevelli Central…

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