One of the best Mothers Day songs you’ve probably never heard, “You Only Get One” was featured on Skillz 2005 release Confessions Of a Ghostwriter. Confessions was a reworked version of his unreleased debut on Rawkus I Ain’t Mad No More. If you Google the track or look for it on Youtube it will most likely come up blank. Given that Sure Shot Recordings weren’t kings of distribution there is only one copy left on and it isn’t available on iTunes at all. So unless you are one of the most die-hard Skillz fans who copped the bootleg you probably didn’t know this song existed.

But you will be hard pressed to find a more touching ode to mom than this one.  Skillz pours his heart out about his deceased mother with help from Aaries on the hook. If you don’t find yourself choking up just a little bit by the end of this song you have an ice box where your heart used to be.

Also check out Skillz great web series True Hip-Hop Confessions!

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