Is it me or does it seem like nobody wants to admit that they just like to cheat? I don’t know anyone who’s faithful nowadays. Do you?

I mean really, people love cheating! Well that is until they get caught, then the tears start falling and the speeches start flowing about how they’ve been secretly fighting “themselves” concerning their very serious sexual addictions and have lost control.

[Laughs] Oh pa-leeeeeeeease!!!

The reality is you got caught! You don’t have a sex addiction problem, you have a “keep your d*ck in your pants” problem or keep your legs closed problem. Let’s call it like it is. If you won’t then I will!!

The whole “I’m a sex addict” routine is a growing pandemic. Case in point, when singer Eric Benet was going through his marital bouts and eventual divorce from la bonita chica Halle Berry, he claimed his infidelity was a result of an insatiable appetite for sex (thank God he’s not a vampire).

Anyways, once the smoke cleared Benet told New York Magazine, “Sex addiction is a real thing, you know. In retrospect, it’s not what I would label my situation,” adding his unfaithfulness was more a result of “Making some stupid-ass, stupid-ass mistakes.” No sh*t Sherlock!

So he continued to play up the story that he had a sexual disorder, and was thus a pseudo-victim, as an excuse for his inability to keep his soldiers from marching on any other women’s berries not named Halle. And they say beautiful people have it all! I doubt it.

On to the next….

More recently, Jesse James and Tiger “just add water” Woods have checked themselves into sexual rehabilitation facilities after getting caught out there dipping into dirty ponds for a lack of better words.

Sex addiction isn’t a disorder that inflicts people once you gain a certain level of money or prestige, so one look at Tiger and you can  speculate that he didn’t pet the kitty much growing up and now that he has money and fame he’s sowing his oats. Obviously he’s dealing with entitlement issues. Many successful, top-of-your-game men have that dilemma.

As for James, checking into a clinic specializing in sex addiction, among other addictions, was a plain old public relations stunt to sanitize his damaged public image and a desperate ploy at salvaging his marriage to actress Sandra Bullock – too bad it failed.

This leads me to my main point. This whole “sex addict” phenomenon allows people to justify cheating, especially for celebrities. I wonder if average Joes can claim a good “sex addiction” to garner the same sympathy as their more famous counterparts?

Truth is people love sex, and wealthy celebrities can afford to create disorders. So my best advice to you is the next time you get caught out there take a few plays from the celebrity handbook and have your closest rehab facility on speed dial.

Oh, and wrap it up – that’s the very least you scoundrels can do!

Arie Goode is The founder of Leira Public Relations and her “Said Arie” blog offers an eclectic mix of news, advice, reviews and event highlights from a publicist angle.

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