This Friday rapper/actor Common makes his leading man film debut in the romantic comedy, Just Wright. As New Jersey Nets point guard Scott McKnight Com finds himself caught up in a love triangle with cousins Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah) and Morgan Alexander (Paula Patton).

You’ll probably read a lot of reviews trying to tell you whether or not to see the movie but rang up Com-Sense to have him try and convince you to check out his flick. Here are his five reasons to see go out and see Just Wright.

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5) Equal Opportunity Eye-Candy

“Fellas, your lady will like you for taking her to this one,” says Common. In addition to Common there are plenty of good-looking men for the ladies to ogle over in the form or Mechad Brooks (True Blood), Dwight Howard and Laz Alonzo.

4) Rashid Balls Out of Control

“If you want to see Common show his NBA skills this is it,” he says. “[I was] playing against the best in the world. This is a dream I’ve had since I was a kid. It was kind of surreal. Me and Mechad, who plays my best friend in the movie were like “wow, we’re in the NBA.”

While Scott McKnight doesn’t find it that easy to score with Latifah’s character Leslie, don’t think that applies to the basketball court.

“All due respect to the Queen I would win that one,” he says when asked who would win in a one-one-one basketball game. “I thought you was gonna [ask] me against Rondo or something. If I played against Jason Kidd it would be a good match up.”

3) Common Whips It Out

Scott McKnight meets Leslie pushing a Maybach. It’s not something Common’s music fans are used to seeing. “I enjoyed that level of class. The Maybach and the apartment in Manhattan, all that stuff needs to be mine,” he says. ” I loved that lifestyle. If you like seeing African American characters with class having respect for each other, that’s another reason to see it.”

2) Latifah throws ice on the nicest MC. Call her evil…or unbelievable

In one scene Leslie tries to motivate a sleeping Scott by treating him like a bottle of champagne. “We did that scene about four or five times. She was throwing real ice the first three or four times and the bed got wet so they couldn’t keep throwing ice. I was really getting mad like ‘what are you doing?’

1) Kiss & Tell

What would a love story be without a kiss and if you’ve ever wondered what Common and La would look like in a liplock, this is your chance. “That was great. Latifah is a beautiful woman,” Common says of the kiss. “We was in it. I enjoyed it. In one day I had two love scenes. They clipped out the scene with Paula Patton though. I don’t think they thought it fit in the scheme of things. Maybe it’ll be on the DVD extra [laughs]”

Just Wright is in Theaters May 14th. Let us know what you think of it when you see it!

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