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Anytime you sing along to Usher’s “Throwback,” or Keri Hilson’s “Energy” you are reciting words straight from super song writer Rico Love.

Did you know that he wrote the theme song for the Sex And The City movie and Diddy’s latest smash “Hello Good Morning?” Rico has established himself as an amazing writer and even showcased decent rap skills on his own single “Settle Down.” The song was released under in 2005 on Usher’s record label for the soundtrack to his film In The Mix. Rico won a Grammy for Best Contemporary R&B album for his work on Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” and was nominated for several others.

In part one of our interview he talks about working with Bey and being able to give her constructive criticism and Diddy personally calling him to hop on board on the “Last Train To Paris.” He also compares the music industry to high school. Guess who is Captain of the Football team?

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