World-famous gaming icon and scourge of ghosts everywhere, Pac-Man today returns to the mobile in an exciting, multi-player format thanks to Namco Bandai Networks Europe, a leading publisher of mobile games. Optimised for a new generation of handsets to provide a superb gameplay experience, mobile users will, for the first time ever, be able to wirelessly challenge up to three of their friends in a re-mastered version of the arcade classic. Players will also be able to compare their abilities with other fans across Europe thanks to an online Pac-Man hi-score ranking system, also launched today.

Using Bluetooth-enabled handsets to simultaneously connect up to four players, friends will be able to challenge each other directly as they take turns to play the role of Pac-Man himself or one of the ghosts chasing him. When playing as Pac-Man, mobile users will have to tackle a ‘fog of war’, limiting their vision of the entire maze as they manoeuvre around a choice of four mazes and avoid their friends as the roaming enemy ghosts.

Mobile gamers who prefer to go it alone will also be able to enjoy this faithful reproduction of the original Pac-Man game, which continues to capture the public imagination almost thirty years following its arcade debut in 1980. As an important consideration for those gaming on the move Pac-Man for mobile also features pause and resume functions, allowing gamers to exit Pac-Man mid-game and resume play from the same point hours or days later making the experience much more flexible while pursuing the ultimate score. One of the most popular titles for mobile, Pac-Man has maintained its consistent position within the top ten highest selling mobile games for the past five years selling millions of copies around the world.

With 256 levels, mobile users will have to guide Pac-Man through many taxing mazes to eat all the dots and Power Pellets in order to improve their rank in the online Pac-Man league. Competitive types will be able to upload their highest single player scores and review their individual rankings both on their mobile and at where they can compare their skills with the best in Europe.

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