Francis Scott Key’s 1814 composition, “The Star Spangled Banner” became the United States’ national anthem in 1916 after an executive order by President Woodrow Wilson, and since then it’s tripped up many singers who have attempted to sing the song in public.

Here are a few of our favorite bungled versions of the anthem!

Carl Lewis

The Olympic medalist attempted to sing the national anthem at an NBA game back in 1993 with absolutely horrid results.

Uh oh indeed!

R. Kelly

Before a 2005 middleweight boxing match between Jermain Taylor and Bernard Hopkins, R Kelly attempted to channel Marvin Gaye’s classic rendition of the anthem back in 1983, but came across looking kinda foolish after bringing a pair of dancers on stage and repeatedly asking the audience to clap along.

Cuba Gooding, Sr

Cuba Gooding Jr’s father, and lead singer of 70’s soul group The Main Ingredient, attempted to sing the anthem before the 2008 Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association basketball finals.

It left us wondering if those Main Ingredient songs were as good as we remembered…

Keri Hilson

Ms Hilson got a little flustered during her rendition of the anthem, losing her place halfway through. Keri, you don’t sound too bad, but next time learn the lyrics.

Patti LaBelle

Patti, we love you, you sound great here, but you gotta learn the lyrics! “The perilous flight?” “Skylight’s last gleaming?”

Keyshia Cole

Okay. Keyshia sounds really good here, and even manages to get the lyrics right.

But what’s the deal with her hair and the outfit?

Roseanne Barr

We’ll finish with this, probably the most controversial rendition of the anthem ever…

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