When we sit down for a round of gaming with our console or PC of choice, we’re usually on the look-out for extreme action, non-stop thrills and a sophisticated story. One thing we never expected to see was sex. But as the average age of the gaming audience grows ever higher, interactive entertainments are tackling more grown-up topics like the beast with two backs in a variety of different ways. Some games play it for humor, some use it as a plot motivator, and others let you fornicate just for the hell of it. In the following list, we examine eleven games from the clunky 4-bit pixels of the Atari 2600 to the lovingly rendered high-definition polygonal beauties of today, experiencing sex that’s erotic, hilarious, or just plain weird. These are our Top Video Game Sex Scenes – slap a jimmy hat on your Wiimote and play along with us.

21. Mass Effect –

n Bioware’s awesome space-faring RPG Mass Effect, players are given an unprecedented amount of control over who and what their character is. And, because we’re all adults here, the game also allows the player’s character to initiate romantic relationships with other characters, and some of those relationships naturally lead to a bit of the ol’ hokey-pokey. The choice of gender for both the player character and the romantic interests also meant that Mass Effect had something for the non-heteros in the audience as well. Never mind that the sex scenes are brief, classy, and non-exploitaitive – the moral crusaders of America got their panties in a bundle, penning hilarious articles with titles like “Sexbox” and calling for Mass Effect to be pulled from shelves. Thankfully, the Ned Flanderses of the world don’t control what we play, so we can make out with hot blue alien babes all the ding dang diddley day.

To find out the rest of this titulating 120-bit piece, grab your joysticks (pause) and click this link.

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