So, Rick Ross is a swaggerjacker-er. He swaggerjacks without permission. I need this man to have at least one original thought when it comes to naming sh-t. His music is great. But outside of that, when this man likes the name of something he’s taking it. He’s like Leonardo DiCaprio  in Inception but without that whole waiting until you’re asleep and creeping into your dreams to steal your ideas thing. He does it while you’re awake and looking at him. He will take your name and confuse the hell out of you because you thought you were who he’s saying he now is.

Freeway Rick Ross took the rapper to court for jacking his beloved name and image. Unfortunately, it’s hard to copyright an illegal lifestyle. Now he says they call him Big Meech, Larry Hoover. They are both locked up for life and have no way of challenging that claim. I wonder if Noriega (the real Noriega) knows that he supposedly knows him yet?

Now, Rosay links up with Diddy and Nicky Minaj to form some sort of 2010 Biggie, Diddy, Lil Kim trifecta and call themselves the “Supreme Team”, which not only jacks Biggie and Kim but the group name is a heisting of Queens drug kingpin Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff’s crew name. Biggie is dead and Supreme can’t do much to take his name back either. He’s serving life in a Supermax prison in Colorado.

Now, John Gotti’s family is mad at Ross for jacking Gotti’s Teflon Don nickname for his album title. John Gotti is probably buried under a baseball stadium somewhere and while his Jersey Shore looking nephews, grandsons wished they’ve could’ve used the Teflon Don moniker for their own rap albums can they lay claim to something the media gave their granddad? I say yes. Rick Ross says no.

“Only in America can you go from being a corrections officer to calling yourself Teflon Don,” Carmine Gotti says.

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