Inside are five rappers who could probably could've better benefited from Casey Anthony's representation instead of the other suit they currently have or had standing beside them.

The homie Jasmine Brand dug up rarely seen footage of Tupac Shakur and photographers discussing album art concepts for Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, his fifth and final studio album he recorded before his untimely death in 1996.

With J-Dilla’s passing, producer 9th Wonder has become hip-hop’s contemporary key holder to the retrospective boom bap. Even while having producer credits for the likes of Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child, Mary J. Blige and very soon Drake the North Carolina native has made it his purpose to perserve that “true school” sound by operating beneath the […]

ABC Nightline News did a recent feature that shined a bigger light on Oakland turf dancing, a Bay area street cultural dance that combines forms of breakdancing and continues California’s phenomenal history of artistic street dancing such as pop and locking, krumping and jerking. The news show highlights a powerful and beautifully choreographed online video called “Turf […]

Popular rap websites and have been shut down by the feds in what appears to be linked to a wide-reaching federal crackdown on online piracy of music and movies. The two sites were popular with Hip-Hop heads as go-to destinations to download new music.

During a recent interview with NBC news anchor Matt Lauer George, former president George W. Bush admits that, more than anything else, it’s a remark by Kanye West that ranks as one of the worst moments of his presidency, according to excerpts of the interview released on Tuesday night. The interview, which airs on Monday […]

It’s Howard University Homecoming 2010! And with that said, here’s a throwback vid of the guys who helped make the world’s most famous homecoming the most attended Black event in the country. Former HU alum and then-fledging music exec Sean “Puffy” Combs used HU homecoming to help break his new franchise artist The Notorious B.I.G in […]

We’ve all heard the absurd allegations that Jay-Z, Kanye, Rihanna and other music successful superstars that run in their circle are supposedly apart of some sort New World Order, devil-worshiping, free-masonry, Illuminati cult, which, if you’re bundling all of those groups together proves that you’ll believe me if I tell you that Obama is really a Manchurian […]

The lawyer for once-popular video model turned rapper Lola Monroe fired back at Media Take Out for posting an embarrassing story about his client allegedly losing her home and moving in with her Baltimore rapper boyfriend at his parents’ home.

Who needs a publicist when you have Twitter? Kanye West, via his twitter page, revealed that his anticipated 5th studio album will be called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, officially abandoning the school to work title concept that he was running with on previous albums and the current project’s original title Good Ass Job. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is […]

The newest single from Jazmine Sullivan is so good that I can’t help but make the ugly face every time I hear it.

I’ve always wondered why Kanye never officially teamed up with his Blackstar homies Mos Def and Talib Kweli. They’ve always seemed like a natural fit for each other after seeing how Kweli opened the door for one of the most successful acts in rap today by letting Kanye open up for him on his promotional […]