Let me start by saying this– I love Beyonce. She is beautiful, talented in more ways than just one, in charge of her career and on the steady path to becoming an icon. Women love her, men lust for her and when she could have went out and gotten a poin-dexter stock broker that her dad would probably love, she married if not the best, then one of the best rapping/ex-drug dealers to ever live! She has a successful clothing line, and can pop into a dance breakdown at any moment–yeah, females and males should definitely take heed! One thing we shouldn’t do though–is go to her songs for relationship advice. 

Single Ladies


Beyonce is married, so she can talk all the sh*t in the world about “putting a ring on it” but when it comes down to the REAL “single ladies,” giving your boyfriend an ultimatum like “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it” will not work if he does NOT want to!

Men- Don’t be spiteful and listen to “Single Ladies” then go to the club the day after y’all break up and think it’s o.k to scoop another female. Chances are, y’all might get back together tomorrow!


Make it known that your in the relationship for the long run and intend on marrying your lover.

Dressing up in a leotard and dancing with 3 chicks in-front your man may help you get that ring too(just a thought)!

Men- If she is the right one, don’t take her for granted listen to Bey in this case and just “Put a ring on it.”



“Diva” had every chick losing their mind. Everywhere you turned, your typical hood rat was a diva and had it on their ring-tone to remind us just in case we forgot. I love the song and love the concept but “This is a stick up, stick up–I need them bags of that money,” um– don’t be a gold digger. Money is important in a relationship but it isn’t everything! Money can’t buy you love!


Make sure you have enough money to keep yourself happy, because depending on a man/ Diva MIGHT leave you in a bad situation.

Independent Women


“The shoes on my feet, I bought it. The clothes I’m wearing I bought it The rock I’m rockin’ I bought it. ‘Cause I depend on me–if I want it. The watch you’re wearin’–i’ll buy it. The house I live in I bought it. The car I’m driving I bought it. I depend on me”

Well this gets tricky, being independent is essential, but when you’re overly independent–men have nothing they can do for you, nor will you let them if they could. So this is for the DO & the DO NOT. Be independent but don’t shut him out, we know you can buy his wardrobe and yours, then cook dinner being a single mom and please yourself at night with your vibrator–BUT let him think he is doing something. Relationships are not about independence–it’s a union!

Men- Make sure your woman knows that you have her back, even if she is the most “Independent Woman” on the planet. Don’t abuse the fact that she’ll pay the check on a date, make sure you pick it up as many times as you can.

Video Phone


DISCLAIMER: Bey, killed the game in this video–baddest chick around for miles!

Don’t let him tape you on his video phone unless he is mature enough to handle it!

It’s one thing to record each other at home and leave it there, but if he’s walking around with something so steamy in his pocket he may be tempted to show his friends.

Men- Don’t tape your girl and brag to your friends about it–we’re adults!


If you do let him record it, remember the camera is on, so don’t do anything you wouldn’t want people to know you do.

Men- Tape yourself too, so she doesn’t feel totally out there by herself!



The female anthem of life ( “To The Left”) is only supposed to come into play once in a while. Sometimes people need to be reminded that you can do without them and they can’t treat you any ol’ kind of way. Do not remind him/her everyday though! Walking through your apartment doing to “to the left to the left” dance may get annoying and they might just go left and leave your a**.

Men- Don’t treat your woman like a dispensable pair of kicks, cause trust me- one day she will leave your a**(no matter how good the sex is!)


Like I said remind your lover every once in a while that you can make it without them–keep it humble though!

Men- If she keeps telling you “to the left, to the left” remind her that Beyonce is married and if she wants to even get a glimpse at a ring she better not underestimate your love anymore.

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